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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


8. A plethora of shuttlecraft from nowhere. Voyager lost a shuttlecraft seemingly with every course correction, so it is reasonable to think Captain Jayneway would be limited to sensors and transporters rather quickly when considering the ship carried eight shuttles. Not a chance! Voyager junked between thirteen and seventeen shuttles in accidents and attacks. Throughout all this destruction only two shuttles were built from the ground up to support Voyager in its missions. I have some possible explanations for the uneven ratio: 1) Jayneway created replacement shuttles from sheer will power; 2) The shuttle bay also serves as a giant replicator; 3) The writers think Star Trek fans are pimple faced idiots.

The shuttlecraft repair crew is a weak explanation as to why Voyager maintained a fully functional shuttle, ready for flight at a moments notice in that the writer's failed to conduct research to match Voyager's crew complement of 150 people. The crew for a single fighter plane is in the area of twenty-five people, including pilots. Lets do the math: Problem 1) 25 X 8 = 200. Problem 2) 150 - 200 = -50 . . . This means no one is left to run the ship, and the shuttle maintenance crew still remains undermanned! The poor bastards should have unionized under the Maquis! I suppose it is possible to manage with a smaller flight deck crew, but only under the assumption the shuttlecraft are used on the rarest of occasions rather than with the frequency seen in Voyager.

The loss of the shuttlecraft is a running joke shared by many fans and detractors of the series. Speculation exists the joke is also shared by the writers. If true, it's a terrible running joke in that it rips the viewer from the tentatively held suspension of reality. A successful running joke works within the structure of a story, like in the case of Morn in Deep Space Nine. We never hear Morn utter a single syllable, but the other characters continually complain he talks to excess. A better example of a running joke is the entire series of Arrest Development.

Voyager's shuttlecraft blunder is nothing less then lazy story telling, a disease that runs rampant throughout all seven seasons.

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  1. Everybody noticed the never-ending salad bar of shuttles...and I do remember, back in the day...hearing about either Berman or Braga really blowing off and dissing fans publicly on more than one occasion...

    1. Athena, Everyone noticed because Star Trek fans are not idiots. Berman and Braga think too highly of themselves. I have no respect for any producer/writer who dumps on the folks who keep them employed--you know, fans. (That was intended for you, Berman, Braga, and George Lucas.)

      Thank you again for writing some great comments. We agree on some points, and disagree on others, and that is wonderful. I love the well thought out counter arguments, a number of which were provided by you. These blogs are solely my opinion, and the counter arguments provide a voice for the fans of Voyager. If I'm going to run my mouth, I better offer them something in return!

  2. Well, the idea that a shuttlecraft requires the same crew as a current era fighter plane doesn't make much sense. I wouldn't be surprised of a shuttlecraft could fly itself.

    Though I still don't know where the crew is getting unlimited shuttlecraft. There are several episodes devoted to replenishing depleting resources, and they even have a garden and a chef solely to save on replicator energy [the actual explanations given in the show], yet they never seem to have a problem replacing shuttlecraft.