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I promise to entertain you to the best my twisted little mind can manage. I will take you from the light, and into darkness. I might even let you see the sunrise at the end of the journey, but that I can't promise. My stories will sweep the hair from you brow, leave your stomach in knots, and suck the air from your lungs. But no matter how far we descend, I will offer you a fragment of hope to cling to. I will treat you to dark fantasy, science fiction, horror, and anything that falls into the strange and disturbing. Will we re-emerge into the light? Well, that is the point of taking the journey. I hope you will join me on these adventures.

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Angst" Review #2

Note: This review was intended for a site dedicated to independent writers. I was unable to post the full review for the sake of brevity. After a few days, I decided Pedersen was entitled to have the entire review posted, so here it is:

David J. Pedersen’s debut novel, “Angst”, is a wonderful journey through a magical world filled with wonders. Angst is a middle aged magic wielder and low level bureaucrat in the kingdom of Unsel. He finds himself and his taboo skills in demand when a mysterious threat to peace and harmony arises along the boarders. In the company of his trusted friends, Angst embarks on a high adventure filled with mystery and danger while struggling to retain his identity and values.

The pages of Pedersen’s book are filled with wonderful characters to love and hate as they bring joy or frustration to the reader. Immemorial issues of bigotry and acceptance, good and evil, love and hatred are deftly explored as Angst struggles to bring cohesion to his life. Pedersen has not only created a vast world bulging with all the elements fans of fantasy crave, but brings a unique and enjoyable touch to the genre of speculative fiction. Pedersen seems to have taken a page from Kurt Vonnegut’s rule book in working hard to make the reading easy.  The 767 page novel passes quickly, even when plagued with the day’s interruptions. “Angst” is a quick passed story that leaves the reader craving for more. Fortunately, that is what the reader will get when Pedersen’s forthcoming sequel is released. Though geared for an older audience, “Angst” is well suited for fantasy readers of all ages.

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