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Monday, May 14, 2012


I get a sick feeling in my stomach when the girls ask if they can go to Walmart. If you have seen the website People of Walmart then you know that is reason enough to reconsider the trip. But when they ask to go by themselves to
enjoy a few minutes of feeling like an adult, well I have a near panic attack. This stems from the January 23rd, 2011 shooting in the parking lot of our local Walmart when the Kitsap County Sheriff's department was forced to kill Anthony A. Martinez when he shot and wounded two deputies. My oldest daughter and I missed The Gunfight at the O. K. Corral by two hours, and would have been in the middle of the shooting if I had not changed our plans on a whim. I wish that was all that could be said of "excitement" when it comes to the Walmart in our mighty Port Orchard.

On April 13th 2012 Justin Alstatt allegedly visited the local Walmart for the five finger discounts. This was not the first time Alstatt had entered the store for similar reasons, according to store security. When confronted, Alstatt thought it would be a wonderful idea to brandish a switchblade. Before running off on what began a manhunt that lasted into the next day, Alstatt said: "Nothing personal, but I can't go." I'm assuming this is in reference to jail. Perhaps he should have taken incarceration into consideration when pocketing a $10 cell phone case. Walmart security claims this was their third run in with Alstatt, making a person wonder why this particular horse kept coming back to the same watering hole. I wonder if his defense will include temporary insanity brought on by Friday the Thirteenth.

Another place of interest for my girls is the downtown waterfront area. There is a small park, an observation platform behind the creepiest cement public restroom ever conceived, the foot ferry to Bremerton, and the library. They are too young for the bars. It can be a great place to spend a day, particularly when the public market is crowding the parking lot on the weekends.

On April 27th, 2012 (also a Friday), two men, friends mind you, exited the bus in downtown Port Orchard. They had been arguing on the bus, and the matter had not yet been resolved as they approached Kentucky Fried Chicken. One of the men involved was attempting to put some distance between himself and his buddy, reportedly not wanting to go back to jail. The buddy had a different notion, and shoved a knife into his pal, twice. The fight was broken up when two women driving along the strip saw what was taking place, and used their car to separate the two men. The victim ran across the street to an auto shop to call for assistance. He survived. He was treated and absent from Tacoma General Hospital by the following Monday.

My girls want to romp, goof off, and hang out with their friends without adult supervision, just like any other kid. Just like my brothers and I when we were their age. Is this the proper location for enjoying such freedoms? If you ask me, not in my damn neighborhood!



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