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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ash Wednesday observances for 2012 resembled Hollywood's depiction of a 19th century 4th of July celebration with guns firing off as Kitsap County residents made their way through the day. Okay, perhaps that was a little over the top, but it got your attention.

The 22nd of February began like any other quiet day along the sleepy eastern shores of Puget Sound. This changed at 1:29 PM when a 3rd grade girl was shot by a classmate. Current reports state the girl remains in critical condition. The shooter is in custody, and the police believe the shooting was accidental. Charges have been filed against the shooter. More importantly, the victim is at the best hospitals in the area, and I'm looking forward to the reports of her status changing from critical to stable.

Nearly twelve hours later, a Washington state trooper made a routine traffic stop a few miles

from our home. The driver shot and killed the trooper, and remains in hiding. With luck the freedom of the killer is limited. As I write this sirens are tearing through the quiet post rush hour morning while two helicopters patrol the air.

As if these shootings were not tragic enough we have a potential serial killer in Bremerton. The killer is targeting people in the area in which my wife. This would be of less concern to us if she did not work the late shift on the weekends, putting her on the sidewalks around the killer's preferred hunting hours. His weapon of choice is a knife, and this choice has made it possible for one of his victims to escape, thereby allowing the authorities to spread picture of the creep. This investigation now involves Bremerton Police, Port Orchard Police and Sheriff Departments, the Seattle police department, and the FBI. I hope this jerk's time on the streets will soon end.

Taking a look at recent events in Kitsap County, I'm wondering if it might not be a bad decision to take a financial hit by moving to the green zone. But then again we live in a dangerous world, and hiding under the bed covers will achieve nothing beyond living a wasted life. So forget the move. We will get by the best we can, just like everybody else.

School Shooting
Washington State Trooper
Bremerton Killer

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